Thursday, January 7, 2010

One Cute Kid!

Today I had the pleasure of taking pictures of Bravyn....
who is one cute kid!
I've been taking pictures of this little guy since he was one day old, and I'm amazed by how much he's grown and changed.

This is probably one of my favorites!

But then, I really like this one. As you can see
he is all BOY!

This one is just too cute!

And here he is in what was probably was his favorite pose -
because anywhere close to his Mom is probably his favorite place. It's obvious that this little
guy is a Momma's Boy. His whole face lights up the moment she looks at him. And, I think the feeling is mutual. Bravyn has a great Mom!


  1. Patty is AMAZING! Her work is you
    can see. She has such a generous heart and
    a beautiful grand child.
    Didn't she do a great job on Bravyn's photos?

  2. Awesome! Beautiful! Captivating! Delightful! Exciting! Fantastic! Gorgeous! Words just can't describe the feelings evoked by your fabulous work. Your God given talent to capture such high quality images of His wonderous creations have blessed me this day. From the pride and joy of my great grandson to the feelings of amazing wonder of God's creatures in the field have given me great pleasure. Thanks!