Monday, January 28, 2013

The Wilmore Family

 This was a fun family!
Their little boy is such a bundle
of energy!
 His sense of adventure gave me an opportunity
to get a few shots of his Mom and Dad
all by themselves!
And letting him work off a little
energy helped him be able to
sit still and pose for this!
I love it!
I have had this pose - at this location -
stuck in my head for about 3 years and
have just now been able to
do it.
It turned out exactly as I
imagined it!
I've done several engagement
sessions at this location
and normally pose the couple
kissing and try to get the reflection
in the water, but I've always wanted
to incorporate a child.... or children!
And this family was perfect!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Spenser, Keith and Tinsley!

The weather had turned cold and the
trees had lost their fall leaves,
so we did this family portrait session
in the studio!
Aren't they a gorgeous family?

 I love to see little girls who
are in love with their Daddies!
 And little Tinsley is a Daddy's Girl!
 She's such a sweet little thing, too!
Just look at that adorable face!
 She's the serious type and they say
she doesn't smile a lot
but I got a few smiles!
 She even smiled in a few family photos!
 And she was good while I took a
few pictures of Mom and Dad!
And look! I think she looks like her
Daddy for the most part!
But then again - she's BEAUTIFIL
like her Mommy!
And while I prefer to shoot family
portraits on location, when the weather
isn't going to cooperate or there is a
little one involved that might
not like the cold or the heat,
a studio session is a viable option!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Joycelyn is ONE!

 This is Joycelyn!
I had her in as a newborn
and have seen her several times since then!
She was a preemie!
A teeny tiny bundle of joy!
 And look at her now!
She's an adorable One Year Old!

Monday, January 7, 2013

A CHRISTmas Blessing!

I took some time off
for Christmas, but during my time
off I did accept one newborn session!
I did this little one's Mommy's maternity
pictures, so I was looking forward
to the newborn session!
And if I had waited until I was back to work
in January she wouldn't be a newborn
any longer! Isn't she darling!
I did several other photos,
but I love this one!
Probably because it fills me with
a feeling of blessing!
It's a reminder that the
very first CHRISTmas
and every CHRISTmas after that
was all started with a blessed event!
CHRISTmas babies just make my
heart melt. Can you imagine what Joseph
and Mary must have went through with
no crib, no disposable diapers, no bottles,
no pacifiers, no baby wipes or onsies.
We buy so many things that we could easily
do without and spend so much time
working to pay for those things that we fail
to show our children the love that
was shared in the stable on that
first CHRISTmas.
Let's allow Christ to fill us with
His love this year.
And let's show it all year long!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Brayn Jr.'s Christmas Pictures

 Just look at this little bundle
of sweetness!
 He is a gorgeous and HAPPY baby!
 He is the son on Lindsay and Bryan
whose wedding I did just a few
years ago!
 He came in for Christmas Pictures
but when I do Christmas Pictures, I like
to do a few no-occasion pictures also.
Bryan Jr. had a Puppy Hat,
so we did Puppy Pictures, too!
He even made little Puppy Faces!
I love the way he works the camera
at two months old!
And this takes me back to when
I first started taking pictures
for his Momma & Daddy!
They wanted pictures of their two
Pit Bulls and were calling around to get
info and most photographers turned them
away. I didn't! And I've been rewarded
with several sessions since!