Thursday, June 30, 2011


Remember Sawyer?
Can you believe he's already 6 months old?
Sawyer came in for his 6 month pictures, but he really wasn't in the mood to have his picture taken, so we are planning a re-shoot. So, we should be seeing more of him soon!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Brilyn has pictures done on the 23rd of every month. She wears a white onsie with a sticker on it that tells how old she is and sits in a hat box. The hat box will give us something for size comparison as she grows.
And while she is here I like to do something else. So, for June, I did this!Isn't she just darling?
She was wearing a shirt, but she spit up on it so we pulled it off and replaced it with a long string of pearls.
I think I like the pearls better, anyway!

Monday, June 27, 2011


Isn't this a sweet looking little young lady?
Her mother contacted me about doing her pictures for choir because I do her younger brother and her younger sister's pictures for sports and they wanted an extra curricular type of photo of her, also - to hang with the others.
So, instead of a Memory Mate we did a Magazine Cover!
And - her 4x6 and Wallet Photos will look like this!
Now, her pictures can hang proudly with the others!

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Duck Pond

Earlier this month Gracie's Daddy had a change of command ceremony. It is Army tradition that the incoming commander provides a meal for those in attendance, so Dustin had Billy Sims BBQ cater lunch.There was plenty of food - and plenty of left overs. There was about a loaf and a half of bread that had been opened, but left untouched. While trying to decide what to do with the leftover food, I suggested that we let Grace feed the bread to the ducks. So Grace and I stopped by the duck pond on the way home.Grace had a good time feeding and chasing the ducks, the geese and.....This funny looking fellow!
I think he is a blue heron, but I've never really seen one up close before.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Old Photo Session

This is an OLD photo session! This little girl is now about 2 1/2 years old.This was a "deployment session". I do free sessions (based on availability) for families with a deployed parent and often make a DVD slideshow of some of the images to send to the parent who is deployed.
When this session was done Briyanna's Daddy was deployed.Isn't she cute? I saw her the other day and she's still cute!I ran into this family again while shooting pictures for the flag football team that Thairique is now playing on.And due to a move shortly after these pictures were done, they never got a chance to order any prints and they asked it I still had the pictures.
I looked and I looked and had about given up when I finally found them stored on an old hard drive. So, yes.... I still have the files! All of them! So, maybe now, Briyanna's photo albums can be updated!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Coach Pitch Baseball

I've shot this little Coach Pitch team for about three years now, and this little guy just keeps getting cuter! Isn't he a great looking kid?This is his big sister, and she's pretty cute, too! I guess good looks run in the family.The coach's are their parents!
And they take great care of their players. When we shot their team it was about 110 degrees and there is not a drop of shade on the field. It was HOT! And the coaches came prepared with an ice chest full of bottled water and sports drinks. They even offered me a drink!
Now - that's a nice coach!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Our baseball season is just about over.
But, I still have baseball pictures to share. This particular player was a lot of fun! He tried to refuse a smile and gave me a crooked little smirk instead, but after joking around for awhile I got this. A very natural - and a very handsome looking smile! Now why on earth would a boy want to hide a smile as nice as that one? This was another really cute little guy!
And - this team had their photos done at their end of year picnic - in the shady wooded area of a local park. A nice break from the Oklahoma sunshine!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Signs of Summer!

Flowers always make beautiful subjects to photograph!
They are subtle signs of summer. They offer the hope of long lazy days to be spent by the pool!
These are just a few of what I have growing in my backyard. I've added the pool this year and the deck is being built. The flower beds have been extended and the grass that was torn apart during the construction process is coming back in.
And - after a couple more weeks of baseball, we'll have a little time to relax! Or, at least that's the plan. We will have summer basketball and a shoot here and there, but the sports season should be winding down until soccer and football start up in the fall.
And - as much as I like my job, I'm looking forward to a little break!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Taking Flight

These are the baby birds I mentioned yesterday! We've watched as the mother & father has nurtured them over the past few weeks.And Grace and I watched as they got their first flight lessons. Grace ran after this little bird as fast as her little legs would carry her and when it landed she would cheer... "Yay! You did it!!!" And she clapped with the enthusiasm of a child! It was so cute!The little bird flew first to the flowerbed. Then to the tree. The accross the street to another house. And then to our next door neighbors. And then it took off flying with great skill!This little one was the last to leave the nest. He also returned to the nest after a few "test flights" and perched above our door for awhile. But, his family has moved, so he finally left in search of a new home of his own.But, he stopped in the lawn for one last look at the old home place.Here he is perched above our door.
This was an amazing science lesson for Grace. The birds are purple martins and the mother and father bird fly beside each little one as they take off for the first time. They flutter through the sky and chirp little chirps of encouragement as their offspring make their way into the big wide world. Imagine what a big world this is to a little bird.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summertime Fun!

It's SUMMER... and in the SUMMER everyone needs to take a break once in awhile. So... I took a break! I had a whole day off!
Grace spent the night Sunday night!Sunday was a long day. Grace & I spent most of it in the pool while the men in the family worked on building a pool deck! When it was time to go home, Grace was still swimming.. and she wasn't quite ready to stop.
Monday, we went for donuts... practiced riding bikes.... watched new baby birds receive their first flight lessons....and then went to Nations of Fun to play and have lunch!While we were there we met Laura! A new friend! She played wonderfully with Grace and the two of them has tons of fun!We played the games!And Grace learned to slide like a Big Girl.... on her bottom rather than on her tummy as she's done in the past!Laura on the slide!The girls danced!And had a yummy lunch!With lots of laughs and giggles!I think this was the first time Grace actually ate well at Nations of Fun. She's normally too busy to eat!I guess it helps to see other kids eat!Laura
Grace climbing the ropes!Grace and Laura climbing through the tunnels. Grace is too short to climb by herself, but Laura is tall enough.... and she's kind enough to help Grace. She got on her hands and knees so Grace could step up on back to climb to the next level. It was a great demonstration of teamwork!Laura.... she is just as sweet as she looks here, too!Laura helping Grace... I'm not sure what with, but Laura likes helping!One view of the playground.Another viewAnotherAnd another!
During the week adults get in for $5.99. This includes a pizza buffet lunch and a drink. Kids have a discounted price, but under four is free. And the playground is included in the cost of your entrance. You have to have tokens to play the games, but really, the playground is the main attraction.
Nations of Fun is one of our favorite places to go. It's air conditioned so it's cool in the summer. It's heated so it's warm in the winter. And it's dry on rainy days.
And.... it's more fun if you have someone to play with!
I do hope we run into Laura, again. She was a wonderful playmate.
After Nations of Fun we came back to the house to rest... and to swim, but Grace didn't think she needed to rest.... so we swam and swam and swam! I'll try to get some pool time pictures posted soon. Grace is getting quite confident in the water. I've been waiting for her confidence to grow before heading to the water park, but I think it might be safe to say she's ready now. We have a lot to look forward to.