Friday, October 15, 2010

Photography Class Field Trip - Tipton's Fine Jewelry

Since JEWELRY is one of the hardest things to get great pictures of, our photography class went on a field trip to Tipton's Fine Jewelry yesterday. Each student was allowed to choose a piece of jewelry to take pictures of! These are some of their choices!
The one boy in our class chose this piece. He's got great taste and he's as much of a gentleman as they come. Someday, he may make some blessed young lady a wonderful husband. But, for now... if he were rich, this is what he's buy his Mother!
And I really liked this shot! Isn't it beautiful?
This is a custom piece and I was happy to see that Hannah captured the detail in it's craftsmanship.
And no jewelry box is complete without a string of pearls.
And guys.... flowers always look better with a little prize tucked inside!
All of this and more is available at Tipton's Fine Jewelry
in Lawton, Oklahoma!
And a special thanks goes to Mr. & Mrs. Mike Tipton for having us. We had a great time and we learned a lot!


  1. Love both the pics of the ring stuffed inside the rose and the plain sapphire it's a beautiful picture!

  2. They did great on this pics!!

  3. These are some great pictures. You all really captured the beauty of each piece. Nice work!