Friday, December 16, 2011

Another Christmas Card

Here is another Christmas Card!
I first met Iralynn when she was a newborn and she came in for newborn pictures.
Now she's 6 months old and just look at her! She's a little doll! She's also a very pleasant baby girl and so full of happy faces and expressions!
And she totally loves herself!
This was sooooo cute! We put her down, hoping to get some cute shots of her looking at herself, but she just couldn't resist kissing that pretty girl in the mirror. She did this over and over again. It was just too cute!
And don't you just love all of her little happy faces!
I'm so glad we got lots of pictures of that adorable gummy smile before her top teeth came in. I'm sure it will be adorable with teeth, too.... but these are smiles we won't want to forget!


  1. OMGosh- She is cute! My favorite one is the one of her loving on herself! xo Diana