Monday, August 6, 2012

The Smith Family

 Remember Brycen? He's now such a
big boy!
If you've followed my blog for long,
you might remember his Mom and Dad's
engagement pictures.
Then her bridal portraits
and then her wedding pictures!
Followed by newborn pictures
of Brycen and then 3 month, 6 month,
9 month and One Year pictures
as well as any holiday pictures he may have taken.
 Here is is with Big Brother Braylon!
If you're a regular here, you've seen this
boy before, too.
I especially loved his skate board
 Here we have the whole family!
 And the super cool head of household,
Super Dad... aka Ryan!
 Here it looks like he just might turn Millie
into a motorcycle Momma!
 And then, again.... maybe not!
He may have to ride that thing alone!
At least for now.
After all.... where would they put the
car seats?

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