Monday, December 21, 2009

Hats Off to Hats and Flowers!

Today I had the pleasure of photographing a VERY BEAUTIFUL
Baby Girl! And, to top that off, she was very cooperative!
So cooperative, that I was able to try out several of the
little hats that Tosha gave me to use as photo props.
When my granddaughter, Grace was born, my sister Sharon gave her a beautiful
hairbow and it soon became our favorite. I found out where it
was made - and ordered more bows so Grace would have one
to match almost all of her little outfits. We love Tosha's hairbows!
So, when I had another baby girl come in wearing a hat
she had gotten from Tosha, I couldn't wait to get some to use as props.
They are just darling! Don't you agree?
The hats came from Tosha Varner at the Girly Girl Bowteek
Thanks Tosha for the beautiful hats and flowers!

And thanks to Baby Sierra for being the beautiful
little angel that she is!
Black Hat with Big Red Flower!
Pink Hat with Big Pink Flower!

White Hat with Big Pink Flower!

Brown Hat with Big Pink Flower!

Red Hat with Black Flower!

And I should have pictures of another little one soon!
Little Miss Katelyn has agreed to model these
hats for me as well.
(AND - there are MORE hats coming soon)

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  1. Cute pictures and cute hats! Are they big enough to fit Grace?