Friday, February 19, 2010

Photography Contest

I teach a home school photography class and we are having a photography contest. The topic of our contest is "Elements" and it is up to each student to define the topic in a photo. The photos above are the entries and each one is vieing for your vote! So, which is it? Which photo do you think is the very best? You can vote by commenting here or by e-mailing your vote to my personal e-mail account:
And THANKS for voting!


  1. Hi Patty! Thanks for letting me know you are doing this! I have been behind on my reading this week. I would give my vote to the Fire picture because it is the best representation of the elements that is also a great photo.
    Good luck to everyone!

  2. My vote is for rocks and minerals because it seems to have more defined detail to me for some reason.

  3. My vote is for #1. I loved how it was displayed - the creases of the material under it made it stand out more and it just popped for me. The display really helped.

    My comment to water. The photo is beautiful and the composition striking but it would have been more dramatic and effective if you could have captured a droplet of water falling from one of the leaves.

    The fire didn't strike me. No other comment.

    The diamond reflection bothered me because it did not seem real - it was too blurred and the top rings weren't even moving. What caused the blur?

  4. My vote is for water!! I like diamonds too but water is my favorite!

  5. My vote is for water. I like how clear and crisp the colors are.

    Who would have thought that the macked-out car was transformers? I totally didn't get that from the skulls in the back window.