Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Baby Gwen

Baby Gwen's nursery is done in rubber duckies, so I did this to match! Gwen is trying to cooperate by making ducky faces! Isn't she just adorable?She is already a little princess. She is happy and content.... UNTIL..... you put her down. And, she has to be put down for pictures! I hear it's he Daddy that has her spoiled!
Way to go, Dad! REALLY! Nothing is more important for a little girl than being secure in her Father's love. Keep loving that baby and she'll be just fine!We did get some cute shots... but not as many as I or Gwen's Mommy would like, so Gwen should be coming back to see me soon.
In the event that I can't get a nice selection of portraits, it is my policy to do a free re-shoot. Sometimes with little ones a re-shoot at a different time of day is all that is needed to get their full cooperation!

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  1. Gwen is just darling-Love that headband with the corker bow on it- I posted on how to make them today~ She is just a cutie- xo Diana