Monday, November 14, 2011

S is for Smith!

During the Smith Family Photo Shoot, I took these pictures of things we saw along the trail! Braylon can spot the coolest things. I'd love to be able to view the world through his eyes for a day. And I'd love to have my camera with me while doing so. I'd probably get a beautiful collection of photos that would make wonderful artwork for the world to view. He's an amazing kid - and he was quick to spot the "S" in the end of the railroad tie fence. "S" is for Smith, you know.... and for Sapenter.... his Mother's maiden name.
The trees overhead!
Beautiful little berries! We didn't touch them, pick them or eat them because the animals in the forrest need them more than we do. Braylon told me all about the little squirrels and things that are storing food for the winter.
More berries.... so pretty and colorful! I wonder who eats them?
And even more berries with a background of green leaves and blue sky!

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  1. Beautiful photos. Don't you LOVE the S? xo Diana