Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Unique Family Photos for a Unique Family

This is the Thompson Family!
They wanted something a little unique for their family portrait session this year, so we visited a few old abandoned buildings to try to come up with something that was uniquely "them".
Dave Thompson is a youth minister and musician and he and his wife Shana are super cool, so we needed some cool pictures to fit their style.
Their youngest two kiddos are just 1 and 2 years old, so posing was a bit of a challenge. They're good kids, but posing for pictures in places they'd rather explore is a bit much to ask of any little one.
But.... aren't they cute!
Shana is an excellent Mom and her kids are about as well behaved as you will ever see. I love doing pictures for them!
We did get to stop for fun from time to time, too!


  1. I used one of your above images when creating a wix website and am sorry for doing so. I love how you spot color, although most every other photographer I read on says not to...I love it. Never meant to take credit from you. My apologies. - J

  2. Was not really an accident, she stole from several people.