Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And More Engagements....

This is Brandy & Andrew
Their favorite

My Favorite

Another one that I kind of like because it shows
Andrew's questioning look - which is one I got a lot over
the years.

And their shower invite.

Andrew is my youngest son. He and Brandy got engaged in December while I was in Japan. They were planning to get married in October, but they got in a bit of a hurry and ended up
getting married on March 9th. So, I guess we could actually call these post-engagement pictures since they are already married. But, they are still planning to have that October wedding.

And - Andrew's Aunt Debbie requested shower invites, so we needed the pictures for that asap.


  1. I love the pictures!
    Thanks so much!!!

  2. Those are great pics! They look so young and so cute together!

    Thank you for the info on Sears. I didn't know about that, but that's an awesome program. I'm definitely signing up for it the next time I'm at the mall!