Friday, May 27, 2011

River is Turning ONE!

River is turning ONE, so we did his One Year Old Pictures!
Isn't this precious?
He's a sweet little boy, but it's kind of hard to see him grow up. I don't think his Momma is planning any more children and it will be a little sad seeing her without a baby in her arms. She's such a good Mommy! And she has such beautiful children. And they are all so well behaved.
But in today's world it is hard to afford a house full of kids. Things ARE getting expensive!
But, kids are worth it! Nothing brings a smile to your face faster than seeing joy in the face of an infant or toddler. There is just something contagious about their laughter.


  1. I found myself grinning like a fool looking at those pictures! SOOO cute xxoo Diana

  2. Such adorable photos of a cute 1 year old!