Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stephen's Announcements

Remember Stephen?

Stephen was our Senior Model. He posed for pictures for our photography class not long ago. We ran out of time in class and only got one announcement made, so I made this additional 5x7 flat card so he would have a choice.

5x7 Flat Cards are also a great option for those who'd like to save a little money, as they are much less expensive than the folded cards.

However, on folded cards, you have more room for photos and text.

We designed the 5x7 floded card below in class.

This is the FRONT:

This is the INSIDE:

I really, REALLY like the inside!

And we really didn't have a life verse or anything so we simply made the back out of the paper used for the border on the front.


  1. Great card(s). Gosh- I forgot what a cute kid he is! Some lucky girl is gonna snag him up someday! xxoo Diana

  2. I like the inside too!