Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baseball and MORE Baseball...

Last night we took more baseball pictures. First, we went to Edison where we shot a T-Ball Team, a Coach Pitch Team and a Pee Wee Team. Then we went to another park and shot a Hugh Bish Baseball Team. Here are just a few of the shots.

This was a really cool and confident kid. He was really fun to work with and he let me know exactly ahat he wanted on his Magazine Cover. It appears he's a great baseball player, but I was even more impressed with him as a person. I see two kinds of confidence in kids. One is a false confidence that some kids get when they learn to play their parents and get whatever they want as toddlers - or a spoiled child confidence. The other is actual confidence which they get when they do well and are rewarded or praised for their efforts. That's the kind of confidence Tyler had. He's obviously done a few things very well and he believes in himself. He knows he's a winner. And if you're on the opposing team, my advice to you would be to either hit the ball out of the park or hope for a walk, because your chances of getting past Tyler on first aren't that good. He's a pretty amazing first baseman!
And, I was happy to see this player again. I've shot her team & individual pictures since she was about 3 or 4 and in Wee-Ball at the YMCA. She's another amazing kid and I always enjoy working with her.

Now, she's a Pee-Wee. Here she is with the rest of her team!

The Coach Pitch Team

And the T-Ball Team. Aren't they adorable!

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