Friday, May 14, 2010

Baseball Season

Baseball Season is here and last night we shot our first team of the season. The Bishop Bulldogs!
They were a great group of kids and we had a nice time shooting them in spite of the weather! It's seems to be the rainy season, so it's been rainy and cool, but fortunately we have still been able to shoot most of the teams we've had scheduled.

This is what the 4x6 and Wallet Photos in our Sports Special look like. I thought this particular player was especially cute with his beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes!
And this is what the Memory Mate in our Sports Special looks like. It's an 8x10 collage of the team and the individual player. This player looks to me like a future professional. So strong... so serious... and seemingly dedicated to his sport. I probably should have asked for an autograph.
And this is what we at Artistic Images call a Coach's Collage. I guess it could be called a Team Collage, but we started making them as appreciation gifts for the coaches who chose us to do their sports photography, so we call them Coach's Collages. And we make one for each coach on the team.
Thanks, Bishop.... for choosing us to do your team photos. I wish you a wonderful and a winning season!

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