Friday, December 3, 2010

Abby's Birthday

Grace came over yesterday and we celebrated Abby's birthday. Abby's birthday is actually Dec. 1st, but we didn't celebrate until yesterday, because Abby's a typical girl and what girl wants to have a Birthday Party without her best friend? AND - Grace likes celebrating as much as Abby, if not MORE!
So, Grace and Abby had a party.

Grace fed Abby as many Cheese-It's as she could stand, helped her open presents and took her on a long walk to the pond. She chased the geese and got her little tutu dirty and then came back for ice cream.

Abby is now 7 Years Old. This is what she looked like the day we brought her home.

She's always been loving and sweet. She's liked to stay close to one of her human companions since day one. Sleeping under their feet is a favorite resting spot.

She was a little uneasy at the Vet's the first time we went.

But - she checked out perfectly healthy.
We looked at 9 litters before settling on this particular dog, so I was thankful for that. Our old dog had a heart defect that took his life at a young age so it was important to me that I got a healthy puppy this time. I also wanted a pack driven follower rather than a prey driven leader. Abby has turned out to be a perfect fit!

Andrew was just a boy when we got her. Now, he's happily married and expecting his first child. A girl.... who should arrive in about 9 weeks.

Abby's been on many adventures with us. This was taken on a backpacking trip when she was just a pup. She's wet after having a nice swim in a nearby creek.

And this is one of my favorite photos of her in front of an old red barn.... or shed, actually. She's only about a year old here.

Over the years we've taken lots of photos. She's posed for me while I've adjusted my lights and served as a focal point for children who refuse to look at the camera. Normally, if she sits beside me I have no trouble getting them to look at Abby!
And for Grandma Phillis, who would like to see more pictures of Abby & Grace and Abby's party, I am posting them on a facebook album, so you can see them HERE.