Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Madelyn, Jack & Geoffrey

We did Madelyn, Jack & Geoffrey's pictures outdoors. Geoffrey is only about 6 months old here, but he is already pulling up. He's growing up way too fast, so we wanted to get some pictures of him before he got much bigger!

This collage is something I call a Name Blessing. It has his name, the meaning of his name, and a scripture for each letter. These scriptures are chose individually for each child. I don't recall ever using any of these verses in a Name Blessing before and they're not exactly typical of the verses I normally use, but I do feel that they special meaning for Geoffrey!

Geoffrey..... God's peace.... what a beautiful name for a very special boy!

And here is more of Geoffrey! If you've followed my blog long, you might remember when he was born. If not, you can see his Hello Baby Slideshow by clicking HERE

Isn't he just so sweet!

And this is Jack! When Jack was little he was often accompanied by a well loved bear. The last two times I've done pictures of Jack, the bear had been left behind, so I guess Jack is growing up, too. In these pictures, I can look into his eyes and see that he's beginning to resemble his Daddy! Their eyes catch the light the same way and they have that same radiant glow about them. They have deep, thoughtful eyes!

And Jack has always had a big beautiful smile! He's about the happiest child I can think of. So full of joy and the adventure of childhood. He's all boy and he gets his share of bumps and bruises, but he also has lots of fun!

And this is Madelyn!

I've taken Madelyn's picture since she was a baby, and she's always a joy! She's wise beyond her years and her love for God and His creation is contagious. She has such a pure and gentle spirit and she says the most amazing things. I consider myself blessed to be her friend!

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