Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Playing At The Mall and Seeing Santa!

This post is from last week.... I just have several post in my blogger waiting to be posted, so I'm just now getting to it. And now it seems old.... because at the bottom it says Grace is a not quite two year old, and she's turned two since it was written.
Grace and I played at the mall playground while Heather shopped!

Graced climbed up on the bear and jumped off!

Then she climbed way up to the top of the drum set...... and she slid down on her tummy!

We waited for Dustin to join us on his lunch break and we went to see Santa!

Our local mall will allow you to take pictures with your own camera if you purchase a package of theirs. So, we got a package of pictures and I took a few of my own.

Then we went to lunch! With a not quite two year old, lunch comes AFTER pictures!


  1. You can officially make anything look good.

  2. I meant as in the mall..... my bad

  3. *LOL* No need to worry, I didn't take it the wrong way. After all, I know that you think think Grace is adorable so you couldn't have been talking about her.