Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Coach Pitch Baseball

I've shot this little Coach Pitch team for about three years now, and this little guy just keeps getting cuter! Isn't he a great looking kid?This is his big sister, and she's pretty cute, too! I guess good looks run in the family.The coach's are their parents!
And they take great care of their players. When we shot their team it was about 110 degrees and there is not a drop of shade on the field. It was HOT! And the coaches came prepared with an ice chest full of bottled water and sports drinks. They even offered me a drink!
Now - that's a nice coach!

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  1. He is just a darling little boy! And I love that his cute big sister plays ball too! How nice for the family to have both kids in the same sport. Hope your day is wonderful! xo Diana