Friday, June 17, 2011

Taking Flight

These are the baby birds I mentioned yesterday! We've watched as the mother & father has nurtured them over the past few weeks.And Grace and I watched as they got their first flight lessons. Grace ran after this little bird as fast as her little legs would carry her and when it landed she would cheer... "Yay! You did it!!!" And she clapped with the enthusiasm of a child! It was so cute!The little bird flew first to the flowerbed. Then to the tree. The accross the street to another house. And then to our next door neighbors. And then it took off flying with great skill!This little one was the last to leave the nest. He also returned to the nest after a few "test flights" and perched above our door for awhile. But, his family has moved, so he finally left in search of a new home of his own.But, he stopped in the lawn for one last look at the old home place.Here he is perched above our door.
This was an amazing science lesson for Grace. The birds are purple martins and the mother and father bird fly beside each little one as they take off for the first time. They flutter through the sky and chirp little chirps of encouragement as their offspring make their way into the big wide world. Imagine what a big world this is to a little bird.

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  1. What sweet and darling pictures...much like watching our own babies take their first steps! xo Diana