Monday, June 20, 2011

Signs of Summer!

Flowers always make beautiful subjects to photograph!
They are subtle signs of summer. They offer the hope of long lazy days to be spent by the pool!
These are just a few of what I have growing in my backyard. I've added the pool this year and the deck is being built. The flower beds have been extended and the grass that was torn apart during the construction process is coming back in.
And - after a couple more weeks of baseball, we'll have a little time to relax! Or, at least that's the plan. We will have summer basketball and a shoot here and there, but the sports season should be winding down until soccer and football start up in the fall.
And - as much as I like my job, I'm looking forward to a little break!

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  1. Beautiful, Patty! I forget that you take pictures of things besides people!;>) xo Diana