Monday, July 25, 2011

July Birthdays - Part 1

We celebrate birthday's with a monthy party. For July, we celebrated Heather & Deuce's birthdays. Heather's birthday is the 20th and Deuce's is the 26th and they are a year and six days apart.... which made life interesting when they were small.
Grace helped each of them open their presents!Here she is helping Heather, who got an old fashioned ice cream freezer. Only - this ice cream freezer can be modern, also. It has an electric motor AND a hand crank. You just attach whichever one you prefer to use. I liked that because you can mix the ice cream with the motor for the majority of the time - yet, let the kids have the experience of the hand crank, too!I think Olivia liked it! She didn't get any ice cream... but maybe next time?The ice cream freezer - which we were quick to try out!And while we were scooping the ice cream, Grace licked the paddle clean!We also got to swim!Grace is getting pretty good at swimming!

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