Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Fun!

It's summer and I have just about finished my sports teams. So, I am planning to spend a lot of time hanging out with these three and relaxing in the pool!
(5 Months)Olivia
(4 Months)And Grace
(2 1/2 Years)
I'll be doing occasional portraits - but July and August are normally my slow months, so I take advantage of being slow and enjoy myself.... and my three favorite girls! Hopefully, we'll have lots of play time!


  1. The last 2 years August has been all about FUN! Going to the beach, snorkeling, exploring, etc.

  2. OMGosh- I started laughing right out loud when I saw that first picture! She is SOOO danged cute I can't stand it! xo Diana

  3. The hot pink with the blue of the water really pops. Fun pictures!