Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Continues....

The pool is refreshing and cool. The butterfly garden is growing and the butterflies are beginning to make regular visits. It's HOT outside, but since I'm pretty much finished with my teams and am not working in the heat, I kind of enjoy it... because summer is, after all, such a magical time!The flowers seem to be lifting their faces towards heaven reminding us that we, too, should be giving thanks! In spite of all the tormoil in this world, we have so much to be grateful for. In America, we have the freedom to worship as we choose. We can follow the world and blend in or we can choose to be different.And if we choose to be different we are especially blessed when we find someone to be different with. For some strange reason these two yellow blooms clinging together on a pink flower remind me of the oneness God intended for marriage partners.
Do you ever feel like a yellow flower in a pink world?

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  1. Yeah- I feel more like a Black Dahlia in a field of pink lilies! Great shots! xo Diana