Friday, March 18, 2011


This is Gavin!

He's a much loved and very sweet baby boy!

He is such a sweetheart!

I love this particular shot as it shows the connection he has with his Momma!

And just look at those little feet!

Posing Gavin's feet was easy because he spent quite a bit of time in an incubator, unable to be held, so his Momma would sit beside him and hold and rub his little feet. Now, holding and rubbing his little feet brings him such comfort. He seems to relax instantly when they are caressed.

Doesn't he have beautiful eyes!

We wanted sleepy baby pictures, but Gavin wasn't going for that. He knows his eyes are just too pretty to hide!

And please keep Gavin in your prayers! While typing this I got word that he is back in the hospital. He has tumors on his heart and his heart rate is way too fast. Please pray that the tumors shrink, and go away and that he is not troubled with them again!

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  1. Prayers are sent to Baby Gavin... that is too sad!! He is a beautiful baby!!