Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More of Olivia!

Olivia is such a good, sweet baby! She is easy to work with and pose and rarely has a fussy moment. I really REALLY hope she stays that way!
Anyway, here she is smiling in my new trencher bowl! I've wanted a bowl like this for quite some time and finally found it.

Olivia is laying on a a baby cocoon crocheted by her Great Grandma Phyllis. The cocoon was too long for her to do pictures in, but I love the texture it adds to the photo here by putting her on it. The colors are perfect and it really adds to the overall portrait!

Thanks so much, Grandma Phyllis!

And here is Olivia on the scales! I had thought I wanted this shot for my wall, but now I'm not sure. I might prefer the one in the trencher bowl. Decisions, decisions. It's so hard when Olivia looks so beautiful in EVERY picture!
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  1. I think the trencher bowl would look pretty on your wall. I like the first one!