Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Photography Class - Newborns

My photography students spent another class period shooting newborns. Sawyer and Brilyn were both able to come back and model for us. During the last shoot, we got lots of pictures of Brilyn and just a few of Sawyer and this time we did just the opposite. We got Sawyer in his baseball outfit!
And we got Sawyer with his Daddy's police uniform and badge!

And we got Sawyer with his football uniform.

And we got Brilyn in a basket.
But, no matter what we get from here on out, I think my favorite portrait of each of these babies will always be the one with their Daddy's guitar. Sawyer's guitar pictures posted yesterday so scroll down and you can see him and his Daddy's electric guitar.
And Brilyn's posted a couple of weeks ago, so you can see her with her Daddy's firs acoustic guitar by clicking on the Brilyn or the newborns tag to your right.

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