Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Grace and Olivia

Heather just ordered gallery wraps for their new home!

She got this one for Olivia's room!

And this one for the living room! She is going to put it on a shelf on one wall and then arrange a picture of each girl on the other wall.

This is the picture she chose of Olivia!

And I think this is the picture she chose of Grace.

I can't wait to see her wraps on the wall! There is something about having your child's portrait on the wall that makes your home seem complete!


  1. I can't decide which girl is the sweeter. Oh my goodness! That picture of the Grace kissing the baby makes me all squishy inside. :)

  2. Those are absolutely beautiful photos. I love the one of her kissing the baby! So darling! xxoo Diana