Thursday, March 31, 2011


While setting up to do Olivia's One Month Pictures, I decided that we should do a few of Grace, also. After all.... becoming a Big Sister can be tough! Especially if the grown ups in your life focus on the baby! Giving Grace a little special attention should make her role as Big Sister much easier! So, I called and asked Heather to bring a big sucker when she brought the girls.
It made for a quick, simple photos shoot... and since getting her picture isn't Grace's favorite thing, anyway, she was more than happy to go play and let Olivia have a turn!
But - even though we were just playing, we did get a few cute shots!

Of course.... with GRACE as the subject how could we get anything else?

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  1. Grace is just too too cute! I LOVE her outfit and her expressions! A tribute to your photography skills! xxoo Diana