Wednesday, August 18, 2010

At the Park!

Grace and I went to the park while Heather went to the gym!

She loves the swings!

Don't you just love this happy face!

Weeeeeee! We played on the little swings. Then we played on the big swings and we went down the slide. By that time we were pretty hot and we needed a break so we went to get some ice cream. Grace saw the kind of ice cream that she wanted, pointed to it and said, "Try!" So - the lady behind the counter asked if she wanted to try it and she shook her head. The lady got her a sample on a little spoon. Grace tasted it and then started pointing to other flavors and saying "Try, Try!" She ended up sampling four or five flavors before we ordered.

Enjoying the park. We swang so high that her hat blew off and she thought that was funny. I think I spent about as much time chasing the hat as I did chasing Grace!

After ice cream we went back to play on the swings and the slide some more.


  1. I love all of these! The last one is my favorite!!

  2. I can't express the JOY that your posts bring to me. Today Titan & Skylie came by with Deb after school. They wanted Papa Bill to tell them about "Airplanes" As we studied the B-47 model airplane we told the story of the "Propeller" He remembers the picture you took of him with the "Propeller". Thanks!!!

  3. Thanks for the comments. Now, I know you've seen the pictures! :-)