Thursday, August 19, 2010

C is for Cookie!

Last night we drove onto base to pick up some swim diapers and eat at Chilli's. We also went to the post office to check the mail and WE GOT COOKIES!!!!! Yay!!!!!
Not too long ago, I won Lil Mootz's contest on Yummy Mummy's blog. Thanks Yummy Mummy, Lil Mootz and Stonewall!!!
The prize was either Wanna Hava Cookies or some cheesecakes that couldn't ship to Japan, so that made our choice pretty easy. We got the cookies and they are delicious!

The cookies are BIG, and there are different flavors and fillings!

They were giftwrapped!

And the card was really cute! It said:
"Congrats on winning Lil Mootz's TC of the Month Contest! I hope you, Heather (and Baby McGriff), Dustin and Grace enjoy the whoopie pies!"
I thought it was really nice that Yummy Mummy included Baby McGriff. Heather and Dustin are expecting a baby in March and we don't know yet, if it's a boy or a girl. But, it's a little person and already a big part of the family!

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