Friday, August 20, 2010

A Picnic In The Jungle!

This morning, Grace wanted to play in the pool. When she got out and put on dry clothes we read a few stories. We read a story about a mother dog who prepared a picnic for her puppies and Grace started saying, "Picnic, picnic." I asked if she wanted to have a picnic and she did. So, she got the blanket and I made little sandwiches on crackers, got some raisins and some carrots and we had a picnic!
We spread the blanket in a clearing on the jungle floor - right beside the monkey tree! Grace brought her bears along, so we had plenty of protection. I've heard that jungles can be quite dangerous, but the wildest thing we saw was this little monkey!
Grace spotted him! Thankfully, I remembered to bring my camera.

A little later, we spotted a tree frog sitting beside a butterfly. He was so cute! I don't think the frogs in the states are quite this colorful - or friendly! This one was all smiles and he even let Grace touch him!
Grace played well all afternoon! She actually played so well, that her Momma let her skip her nap! Yay!!!!! That meant more play time, which Grace loves!

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  1. Awe man! I wish I could have came to that picnic! It looks like so much fun! I wish our frogs looked like that one!