Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Snorkeling Pictures

This is the marine kindergarten class at Okuma! I think it's recess and they're playing a quick game of hide and seek!
This little guy is probably a bit older than the kindergarten fish. He's most likely a great big third or fourth grader. He's playing a fishy version of keep away, which would be much too juvenile for middle school.

And this fish is probably in fishy high school. I think she's all dressed up for the homecoming dance. Do you know the funky fishy dance?

And while I've heard that there are many fish in the sea, there is only ONE that happens to be a perfect match for Heather..... and a perfect Daddy for Little Miss Grace (and Baby McGriff). I'm so happy he's my son-in-law!

To see pictures of Grace in the ocean, check out Heather's blog at

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  1. WOW! MOM! You are blessed with a favorite Son-in-law too! Our favorites are the BEST!! I am so glad you are enJOYing your Family in Japan! Thanks for taking me along too. Papa Bill