Sunday, August 29, 2010

Butterfly Garden

On the way home from Okuma, we went to a butterfly garden.
There we saw LOTS of butterflies.
Japanese Butterflies!

More Japanese Butterflies!
And even More Japanese Butterflies!
These were all over! I think there were more of these than there were any other species.

A different angle.

And a group of three!

Grace liked the blue ones, but they are very shy, so it was quite difficult to get pictures.

Another blue one!

And another! This one looks like a large mosquito with wings, to me.

And the lantana flowers I have in my own butterfly garden seem to attract the most butterflies.

A Japanese Swallowtail!

An Orange Butterfly!
Sorry, I don't know the names of the Japanese Butterflies. Most, I have never seen before.

But - this looks a lot like the escape artist that visits my butterfly garden in the states. It is known for fluttering away any time I grab a camera.

Another blue one - with buck eyes on his back!

And another orange one!

And Grace slept almost the entire time we were at the butterfly garden. But, the butterflies loved her. Here they are worshipping at her feet!

And where there are butterflies, there are often hummingbirds! Here is a Japanese hummingbird!

And another. This one was backlit so it almost makes a sillhouette.


  1. Wow! Those butterflies are so pretty!!!

  2. The blue one is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing some of God's creation with me! Thanks for coming over and commenting on the MOB Society (and numerous times on my blog too!) I just made the connection between you and Heather (she won my giveaway months ago).

  3. Beautiful shots! Pretty sure that blue one is the Blue Morpho. It has gotten pretty popular among the Dora and Diego crowd because they do a little show about it. :) Is it good or scary that I learn so much from cartoons?