Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tea Parties and a Big Splash!

I've been in Japan for one week now and my days have been filled with super fun activities! Grace has been keeping me busy by baking cookies, having tea parties, playing in the pool, stacking blocks, reading stories and putting together puzzles.
Grace is an expert at putting together puzzles! I'll try to get some pictures of that eventually.
Playing on the playground at Burger King!
On the balcony at Grace's House. The apartment is very American, but but it overlooks the city which is very Japanese.
Here, you can see the Pacific Ocean in the background! It's really pretty close!

Grace & I made "tea cookies" for our tea party! We've been having tea parties almost every day! The cookies are bite size so it's okay to eat more than one. Pouring "tea".... or water, since anything else would make a mess!
Yum, Yum! Grace loves her tea parties!
Getting ready to make a BIG SPLASH!
All wet!
And - all of these pictures and the video were taken with the new Sea Life Dive Camera that my wonderful husband got for my birthday. It's great for the pool - and it fits into my purse, so I just happened to have it handy at Burger King.


  1. Amazingly Awesome! Far OUT! Thanks for sharing those wonderful "Grandma Moments"! They are now "Great Papa Moments!"

  2. Oh my she is aboslutely adorable! I can't wait until they are back!

  3. Awww so cute! She is getting so big! I love the tea party.