Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We're Back from Okuma!!!

Dustin, Heather & Grace took me to Okuma for a Mini-Vacation!
We did lots of fun things!
Grace and I played on the playground. There were no swings so we played on the slides for the most part. I didn't get a picture of Grace going down the slides, though. That would be a really tough picture to get since she likes going down the slides in my lap. I think this playground had at least 10 slides. But, we only tried about 5 of them out. The others were either too small for me, or too wet from recent rainfall. We also played with a tetherball - but I had to hold Grace up to reach the ball, so we didn't get a picture of that, either.
Grace also loved the little bridge. It was made to look like a swinging bridge but it was stationary. It did slope down and then back up and Grace loved playing on it. After the first few times, running across was not scary at all.

Dustin, Grace and I also raced Go-Karts! Dustin started out going nice and slow and I passed them a few times. Then, all of the sudden they were speeding along and I couldn't pass them. I guess that means they won the race!

Go, Team McGriff!!!!!

Grace likes riding next to Daddy!

By the end of our race she was getting pretty tired, but still, she did not want to get off. She's quite the little Daddy's Girl!
And we did lots of other fun things! We played at the beach and went snorkelling. I'll have pictures of that, too - but those pictures are on my dive camera. I've only had time to download pictures from my land camera at this point. So - leave a comment if you enjoyed these pictures and check back soon to see more!
NOTE: And Grace is not afraid of sliding down the slide. I really don't think there is much that Grace is afraid of. I tried to assure her that she could go down the slides by herself, but she proceeded to touch the slide with her finger and say, "No! Too hot!" So, she's just more comfortable in a lap that is the right temperature! (either that, or I've been horn swaggled again.... as Papa would say)

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  1. SHE's PERFECT! SUCH a gorgeous girl!
    wonderful pictures....looks like a pretty places to go....hugs to you!
    Glad you're home!