Friday, February 25, 2011

Brilyn at One Month!

Brilyn got Monthly Stickers to stick onto onsies each month to do monthly pictures with from her Aunt Heather. So, she came by Wednesday to take a monthly photo.
So, here she is at ONE MONTH!
We plan to do her monthly pictures in the same box, so we can sort of see how much she's grown each month.


  1. I like the hat idea, and I love the black and hot pink. (I had black bridesmaids dresses with hot pink ribbons on them). I'm so amazed at how much Ellyana has grown in her short 6 months of life. It looks like her pig is shrinking!! :)

  2. Really cute- She looks like she is saying...."Wait a minute-Just a second-I'm not quite ready yet"...xxoo Diana

  3. I have never heard of monthly stickers, but what a perfectly cute idea!!! She's a little doll. :)