Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This is Jayden!
Jayden is pretty much all boy and he normally does not like posing for pictures. He seems to have much more important things to do!
He likes to play!
So, by combining his active personality with an active photo shoot, I was able to get cute pictures with happy smiles!
Of course, the tire swung a little too close to the light from time to time - which caused and occasional image to be over exposed. But, for the most part this was a perfect shoot for such an active little guy!
I had fun.... he had fun.... and Grace helped out by pushing the swing so she even had fun! Then we went to Nations of Fun for even more fun!
Life is short, so we should cram as much fun into it as possible!


  1. What a darling little boy Jayden is...and I love the name! xxoo Diana

  2. I think my favorite is the last one!

  3. I love the pictures!! I can't wait to order and have a big one framed and hung up!! Thank you so much Patty!!!

    *And Jayden had a wonderful time with you and Grace!!

    *Thanks to Diana!