Friday, February 11, 2011

Nations of Fun!

I happened to have the day off today, and wanted to do something fun!
And - Grace came by early this morning with her first Starbuck's drink!
I asked if she wanted to go to Nations of Fun, and of course, she said "Yes!
Nations of Fun is probably Lawton's best attraction for little ones. It has a huge indoor playground - great for cold winter days!
Grace can crawl through these things with great skill!
She had soooooo much fun!
Today..... she learned to go down the big blue slides ALL BY HERSELF!!!! Yay!!!!
And look at her go...... climbing the ropes!
And riding the horsey!
Her cheeks are red from exertion. And he mouth is open because she is singing!
Uncle Billy came to play, too!
I think she's checking out Uncle Billy's noisy radio, here. He's a fire fighter, so he's always on call and doesn't go anywhere without it!


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  1. OMGOSH! She is SOOO cute...Your little Gracie is just adorable. I didn't know you had this blog! How did I miss it? Anyway, count me as a new follower. I'd follow anyone whose grandkid drank Starbucks! Hugs- Diana