Monday, February 21, 2011

Photography Class Contest - BLUE

Our photography class is having another contest and the subject is BLUE!
Here are the entries!

Please comment - or e-mail and let me know which you think is the best and why!
Thank you!


  1. Oh-It is hard to pick just ONE!!! Well, because I love flowers- I really like #5 -mostly because of the depth of the glass and the juxtaposition of the green against the blue...really makes it pop...and that there are pinpoints of light caught on the curve of the glass here and little highlights. Like the shadowing in #6-the silhouette of it...

    The tone-on-tone ones are nice too...and I really like the last two..the denims..with #7 showing the variation of color/thread grain on the same pair of pants (I'm assuming there)...and I love the simplicity of one lone little M&M on the deep blue denim. Ah...but pick one? I guess I am sticking with the rose..that one really grabbed my attention.

    Any more details you are going to share???? xxoo Diana

  2. I pick number TWO.

    I love the shade of blue this person used. I also really like the background design with the angled Wii remote as the focus. The white wrist strap of the remote stands out against the blue.

    Love it!

  3. Here are my picks:
    #7 This one is the most "interesting" in my opinion. I love the lines.
    #5 The angle of the stem makes the composition on this one very nice.
    #8 The third choice was hard for me because I love the composition of #8, but the yellow M&M is so striking that, for me, it takes away from the assignment of "blue". Other wise, I really love it! If it had been a blue M&M, I may have picked it for #1.