Thursday, July 29, 2010


This is Airion!
He is such a cute little bundle of joy! At 10 months, he really doesn't seem like much of a baby at all. He's quite the 'little man'. So smart and charming! He has a pretty good idea of what a camera is for and even wanted to try it out so he snapped a couple of shots of his Momma!
So - if he doesn't grow up to be a professional basketball player - he can be a photographer!

Don't these smiles just melt your heart!

And I changed the wording to the popular jump rope rhyme. The girls are going to LOVE this litte guy! What's not to love?

To see the rest of Airion's session click HERE
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  1. oh my heavens did this make me smile, it reminds me SO much of my Aaron when he was a baby!!

  2. Oh my! I could just eat up those little cheeks! What a little angel.