Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easter Pictures

Grace & Olivia came in for Easter Pictures!

We are doing in-studio mini-sessions with a live bunny! And - you have to watch that bunny! He tickles!
Here is Olivia looking like a big girl!

And here she is with the bunny!

I think the bunny likes her! Or - at least it feels safe with her. The bunny never once tried to run from Olivia!

And - we had to do at least one picture of the bunny by itself.

If you'd like to schedule your Easter Pictures with the bunny, call me at (580) 695-1927


  1. Darling pictures-all of them...but the winner for me is Olivia with the bunny in the baby carriage! How cute is that!!!! xxoo Diana

  2. These are so cute!