Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Host Tea Parties....

Isn't our little tea set just adorable?

(recieving blankets also make nice tea party table cloths)
And.... we have the most delicious snacks!
I also enjoy fine dining! We order from the coolest places.
But there is so much to do, we normally end up eating on the way home - or at home because these places have so many things to do.... who wants to EAT?
Gracie is great at the games!
Just look at her form! I think she's going to be a star!

(of course, she already is in Grandma's eyes)
And here we have proof that she's a winner! Just look at all her prizes!


  1. What beautiful pictures, wow!
    I'd never thought of using receiving blankets for table cloths!

  2. Wait til her Mom sees that lollypop hanging out of her mouth!- Great photos as always...and I see my friend, Jettie, found you! Watch out for her--she's a red-headed Suthern' gal! lol Hugs- Diana