Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Look Who's Becoming a "Daddy's Girl"

It's Brilyn! Brilyn thinks she's a big girl, but really, she's only 2 months old!


  1. Brilyn is just so very precious! What a wonderful blessing!! xxoo Diana

  2. Hi Patty, thanks for dropping by today. Your work here is really good, I have so enjoyed looking at so many nice photo's. As for our dog, he is one BIG dog and quite fat too even though we go on long walks everyday. He has a warm cozy bed in the garage where two cats sleep with him. If we had trained him from a pup to be in the house it might have worked but when he comes in now he goes WILD, nothing is safe but we love him so much that he still comes in. When we have company it doesn't work so well. Thanks for worrying about him, you must have a kind heart for too. Come say hi any time :D