Monday, April 18, 2011

What I do When I'm NOT Working!

It's soccer season, so most of my evenings are filled with work. I take team pictures, edit and order and then pack the pictures for individual players and deliver them to teams. I don't post many of my sports photos on my blog because I don't know all of the players and their parents well enough to know whether they would like their child's pictures posted online or not.

So - this week, I thought I would post non-work-related photos showing what goes on when I'm NOT working! These pictures will be ones taken with my "play camera" so you can see what a photographer's family snapshots look like. They are probably not so different from the ones you take yourself.

When I'm not working......

I go to an occasional ballgame! Take Grace to see the cheerleaders.....
I go on family outings with my kids and grandkids! This was taken at the circus!
I stuff children's faces with tasty treats! (which sometimes gets me into trouble)
This guy got into trouble, too! You can check out Heather's post on The McGriff Adventure

to find out why!
I basically enjoy spending time with my grand daughters!

And - I know some of my readers (especially Grandma Phyllis) would like to see more of THEM!

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  1. Fun to see what you are like in REAL life-as opposed to career life! There is nothing like a circus for kids (big and little). Hugs- Diana