Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ellyana's Easter Pictures

This is Ellyana!

Isn't she adorable?
She came all the way from Germany to visit family and friends.

And we're all so grateful to finally get to see her. Of course, it was nice to get to see her Momma, too. Her Momma and Daddy were stationed in Japan while Heather & Dustin were there and it was Ellyana's Momma who picked me up at the airport when we were waiting for Grace to make her way into the world. The airport was a bit too far from the hospital for Heather to travel, so Elly's Momma, being the wonderful friend that she is, was there to help out!

Finally, a smile..... and it's hidden behind that egg!

Elly really is a happy baby. She just doesn't smile for the camera. Hopefully, we'll catch her off guard before she goes back to Germany and get a REAL BIG SMILE, though.

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  1. She is just darling-smile or no smile-I had one very serious little granddaughter too. Hugs-Diana