Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to School - Photography Class!

Now, we are not only back to work... I am back to school as well. The photography class I am teaching has now started and this week we learned about Macro Photography. Here are a few shots I took during today's class.

A small branch on a shrub in the flowerbed.
A sunflower. Not exactly Macro, but the wasp I was shooting got away.

The wasp!

The petals of a rose! I sort of liked the dramatic effect of this photo.

A rose.... on a sheet of construction paper. We used construction paper as backdrops and shot various things. The idea basically being, that if we take a picture of something with a background no bigger than a sheet of paper it must be macro. Our class will be doing some retail shoots in the very near future, so we are preparing for that.
We also looked at every ones camera and lenses and checked them to see what their macro capabilities are. Some lenses can be used for macro photography while others cannot. I was able to demonstrate this by allowing the class to look through my 85mm f/1.2 lens as it has no macro capabilities at all. Fortunately though, everyone had lenses with a macro feature, so we were all able to participate in today's lesson!


  1. Are you coming up with ideas for Grace's "School at Grandma's House" days??

  2. I will most definately come up with something.

  3. I had a great time shooting today! Thanks Patty!