Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This is Jake!
Or, Jake Baima as Andrew would say.
Of all the friends my boys have brought home over the years, Jake has always been a favorite. He's a ton of fun and he's always seemed very comfortable with himself. While other kids would often pretend to be something they're not, Jake would simply be Jake.
And no matter what the world throws at him.... Jake always greets it with a smile!
I thought of naming this post "Lawton's Most Available Bachelor", because really.... he is a bachelor. And - If "The Bachelor" ever got him to appear on their show, ratings would be through the roof. Jake is just interesting enough that he would keep the audience coming back for more. He can even make a cruise through Wal-Mart seem almost cool!
And then, I thought about naming this post "Most Wanted", but I thought people might take that the wrong way. (and I'm not so sure Crime Stoppers knows it's him they're looking for, anyway)
So, I kept it simple and just titled my post "Jake".

Jake Baima!
One really REALLY good friend!
It was good seeing you, today, Jake! I wish you the best of luck and a bright future.
To see the more photos from Jake's session click HERE


  1. Very nice pictures! It looks like this young man made your job easy. :)

    I love the brick background, by the way.

  2. Jake looks different in pictures than in person i think lol
    They look great!