Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Lawton Dog Park


Lawton has a new dog park and the dogs seem quite pleased.

From the time she gets out of the car, my almost seven year old golden retriever begins acting like a puppy all over again!

However, it took several visits before she actually understood that she's a dog! The first time we went she wanted nothing to do with other dogs. She did her best to keep a safe distance from them and was constantly hiding behind me.

After several visits, she's gained some confidence and now she's beginning to initiate play!

Here she is playing with "Ramsey".... her new friend!

The dog park is located by the McMahon Soccer Fields at 38th & Lee Blvd.

And here are some tips for dog owners going for the first time:

#1: Take something to play with. A ball or Frisbee works well. There are balls at the park, but most dogs seem to respect other dog's property - so they only want to fetch their own toy!

#2: Allow your dog plenty of space. If there are no other dogs at the park when you go, play with your dog, anyway. Let him sniff around and get used to the smells of other dogs. This will make an "only dog's" transition to meeting other dogs easier. If there are other dogs and your dog shies away from them, play with your dog in an open area so he can get used to the idea of being around dogs. Eventually, he will initiate play.

#3: Please clean up after your dog and pick up anything you see that might be dangerous to your dog or to others. (broken glass for instance) Doggie bags are available at the park and trash cans are available.

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  1. I like the dog park! Abby seems to like it too!